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Todd P. Murphy, M.D.

Expertise: Sports Medicine

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Coping With a Sports Injury

Experiencing a sports injury is frustrating and challenging to overcome. But understanding what happened, your treatment options, and maintaining a positive attitude while achieving your goals to recovery, can make the healing time move a little faster.

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Cell Phone Elbow

Cases of “cell phone elbow,” where patients experience tingling or numbness in their ring and pinkie fingers, is not a new condition. Actually, it’s a condition that can be dated back to 1958.

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Laptops: More Harm Than Help?

Whether using your laptop for school, work, or recreation, laptops are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. They are perfect for getting work done on the go, but recent studies suggest they can cause bodily harm.

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How Helpful Is Using a Knee Brace?

Knee braces are used for a wide variety of problems and conditions, but are available in two basic types: functional knee braces and prophylactic (pro-phy-lac-tic) knee braces. What are the differences and what are some of the potential benefits of wearing one?

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Ways to Prevent Dangerous Falls

As we age, we become more likely to suffer a fall, which can cause serious bone fractures. Hip fractures, common in older females, can result in long-term damage and costly life-changes. Learn how you can prevent falls from occurring, and the strategies that will help you avoid fractures.

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