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July 2008
Volume 1 Issue 2


Bakersfield MLB Draftees Overcome Injuries

Brent Morel and Luke Yoder — two former high school standouts from Bakersfield — were excited to hear their names called during the Major League Baseball draft in June. They both have had to overcome debilitating injuries to reach this point.

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Less Invasive Hip Surgery

Hip arthroscopy helps people of all ages and activity levels overcome debilitating pain. At Southern California Orthopedic Institute (SCOI), Dr. Carlos Guanche has treated singer Barry Manilow, UCLA basketball star Josh Shipp, and hundreds of others from across Southern California and the nation.

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Youth Arm Injuries A Growing Concern

Many youth, from 8 to 14 years old, are sidelined each summer from either throwing too many pitches or throwing breaking balls at too young of an age. As a result, greater injury prevention measures are being taken.

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Ankle Sprains Can Mean Arthritis

Ankle sprains are common but often minor sports injuries that are easily forgotten. However, damage to the ankle joint can show up years later and cause osteoarthritis, leaving a person with chronic pain and instability. Today’s specialized care of ankle injuries can help prevent and treat osteoarthritis.

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Joint Pain at the Computer

Whether at work or home, those who sit at a computer extensively are prone to suffering aches and pains in their fingers, wrists, neck, and low back. But preventative measures can be taken to help you stay pain-free and healthy.

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