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January 2009
Volume 1 Issue 4


Back Surgery from the Side

Surgery to correct a common ailment of the back can now be performed through a person’s side.

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Tennis Elbow Not Just Tennis Related

You don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow. In fact, tennis elbow is the most common elbow injury that orthopedic physicians see. What is it, how does it occur, and how is it treated?

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The Benefits of a Cortisone Shot

In many instances of shoulder bursitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, or carpal tunnel syndrome, cortisone shots are often a prescribed medication. But what is cortisone and how does it work?

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What’s That Pain in Your Shoulder?

Tendonitis and bursitis in the shoulder are two of the most common orthopedic diagnoses. Learn about them, how they occur, and treatment options for them.

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Warning Signs of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, the breakdown and wearing away of cartilage in your joints, afflicts more than 25 million people a year. It can strike anyone, but most commonly affects those over 45 who have lived an active lifestyle or who have sustained a traumatic injury. Detecting osteoarthritis early can help you avoid further damage.

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Four Physicians Named Super Doctors

Four physicians from Southern California Orthopedic Institute were chosen as "Super Doctors" and listed in the December 2008 issue of Los Angeles magazine.

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