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January 2009
Volume 1 Issue 4


Back Surgery from the Side

Surgery to correct a common ailment of the back can now be performed through a person’s side.

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New Surgery Center in Thousand Oaks

A new surgery center for treating orthopedic injuries is now open in Thousand Oaks.

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Four Physicians Named Super Doctors

Four physicians from Southern California Orthopedic Institute were chosen as "Super Doctors" and listed in the December 2008 issue of Los Angeles magazine.

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A Massage with a Twist

While the list of advancements in surgical techniques grows, physical therapists in Simi Valley, Van Nuys, and Thousand Oaks are using a newer NONSURGICAL method for soft tissue pain.

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Warning Signs of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, the breakdown and wearing away of cartilage in your joints, afflicts more than 25 million people a year. It can strike anyone, but most commonly affects those over 45 who have lived an active lifestyle or who have sustained a traumatic injury. Detecting osteoarthritis early can help you avoid further damage.

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