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Benefits of Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic surgery has revolutionized the treatment of joint injuries. In the past, treatment of orthopedic injuries involved extensive surgery, including large incisions, a hospital stay, and a prolonged recovery period. Now, however, with the help of an arthroscope, your orthopedic surgeon can easily examine, diagnose, and treat problems in your joint that previously may have been difficult to identify. Arthroscopic surgery can be used to treat injuries and conditions of the knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, and hip.

"An arthroscope is a small fiber optic viewing instrument made up of a tiny lens, a light source, and a video camera," explains Dr. Bojan B. Zoric, sports medicine doctor at Sports Medicine North. "Using this technology, we are able to treat a vast array of joint injuries and conditions, including arthritis and ligament tears."

The advanced technology used in an arthroscopic procedure provides less painful, quicker recoveries and smaller scars than an open procedure. This allows patients to resume physical activity at the level they enjoyed before the onset of their joint pain.

To learn more about arthroscopic surgery options, call (978) 309-3066 to schedule an appointment with one of the joint replacement experts at Sports Medicine North. "Like" Sports Medicine North on Facebook or follow @SportsMedNorth on Twitter for health news and orthopedic procedure information.

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