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The shoulder and elbow can be common areas for aches and pains, often the result of repetitive motion used in sports, at work, or during other activities. If you’re suffering from an injury or condition of the shoulder or elbow, the doctors at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron have the knowledge and experience to help you recover and return to your active lifestyle quickly and safely.

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Introducing the Athlete and Parent’s Online Guide to Sports Medicine

At Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron, our dedicated sports medicine experts take a team approach in helping athletes get back in the game. Read on to learn how we’re keeping athletes safe through our new Online Guide to Sports Medicine.

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Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness Endorses 7th Annual Fun Run

This fall, Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron will hold its 7th annual Fun Run, but this year, the run will hold a special endorsement from the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports.

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Benefits of Arthroscopy

Recent advancements in the development of surgical equipment have allowed orthopedic surgeons to treat conditions that were previously treated with an open procedure with a minimally invasive technique instead. Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that gives your surgeon a clear view of the inside of your joint. Read on to learn how arthroscopic surgery techniques can benefit you.

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Advancing Rotator Cuff Repair

For some patients, surgery remains the only option when symptoms of a rotator cuff tear become too severe. Thankfully, surgical treatment options have advanced in recent years to make the procedure, recovery, and rehabilitation quicker and easier than ever.

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What You Need to Know About Concussions

Recent reports show that the number of concussions suffered by athletes of all ages, ability levels, and sports has risen significantly over the past ten years. The sports medicine doctors at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron say it’s important for coaches, parents, and athletes of all ages to be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of a concussion. Learn about them here.

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