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Wilmont R. Kreis, M.D.

Wilmont R. Kreis, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

Expertise: Sports Medicine

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Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron Introduces E-Newsletter

Greetings! You have received the first issue of Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron’s free e-newsletter, which is designed to deliver useful information to help people of all ages maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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A Helping Hand

Daily routines hampered by inflammation and discomfort are not something to overlook. Overuse injuries in the hand and wrist can occur on the job, at home, or during sports. Learn more about the conditions and the treatment options available for hand and wrist pain.

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Knee Replacement: Signs & Symptoms

With all of the information now available online and elsewhere on knee replacements, a lot of people have a lot of questions. The most important question is this: Do I or don’t I need a knee replacement? There are common signs you can look for to help you answer this question.

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Dislocation vs. Separation

Major differences exist between shoulder separation and shoulder dislocation although they are often confused. It is important to understand those differences because the management, treatment, and rehabilitation of each injury vary.

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Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron Has Heart for Haiti

The recent earthquake in Haiti has brought that country to the forefront of our minds. The devastation that the already impoverished nation has seen is unimaginable. Many people are donating what they can to help the survivors and the nation get back on their feet, and the physicians and staff at Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron are no exception.

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