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Procedure Gives Trigger Finger Sufferers a Solution

The cause of trigger finger is generally unknown. However, it is found more commonly in women than men as well as in those suffering from other health issues, such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms of trigger finger include a lump in the palm, pain when straightening your fingers, and swelling. Severe cases inhibit patients from extending the affected finger.

Dr. Trevor P. Lynch, hand and wrist doctor at Southern California Orthopedic Institute, says a surgical outpatient procedure known as trigger finger release can be necessary in some cases.

“Restoring a patient’s full function is always the ultimate goal, making trigger finger release an excellent treatment option to consider when surgery is necessary,” Dr. Lynch says. Conservative treatment options are always exhausted first. If those methods prove ineffective, then surgical options may be explored.

A patient can expect to wear a bandage for a few days following the procedure as well as undergo light exercises to restore mobility.

Do you think you are experiencing trigger finger? Call Southern California Orthopedic Institute at (877) 952-8484 to schedule an appointment with a hand specialist.

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