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Is Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery Right for You?

Arthroscopic ankle surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows your surgeon to view the inside of your ankle using fiberoptic technology and digital video monitors. Allowing for better visibility within the ankle, this procedure is often an alternative to traditional open ankle surgery.

If you’ve sustained an ankle injury, like a fracture, or are suffering from an ankle condition such as anterior ankle impingement, posterior ankle impingement, or loose bodies and conservative treatment methods have been exhausted, you may be a candidate for arthroscopic ankle surgery.

"During arthroscopic ankle surgery, I am able to see the inside of your ankle without disturbing the surrounding muscles and tendons," explains Dr. Richard D. Ferkel, foot and ankle surgeon at Southern California Orthopedic Institute. "This procedure allows patients to begin rehabilitation and return to sports and activities more quickly than a traditional open procedure would allow."

If you’re suffering from loose bodies within your ankle or anterior or posterior ankle impingement, your surgeon may use arthroscopic ankle surgery to remove the bone spurs or inflamed soft tissue that has developed on your ankle. If you have sustained an ankle fracture, arthroscopic ankle surgery may be used to realign your ankle cartilage, minimizing your risk of future posttraumatic arthritis.

If you’re experiencing ankle pain or you’d like to learn more about arthroscopic ankle surgery, contact the foot and ankle doctors at Southern California Orthopedic Institute by calling (877) 952-8484.

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