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The "SCOI ROW" - The Best Method for Arthroscopic Repair of a Torn Rotator Cuff Tendon

Our internationally recognized and innovative SCOI Shoulder Team is at it again. Our fellowship-trained shoulder specialists have developed a new and proven approach to treat rotator cuff tears: the “SCOI Row”. Initial benefits of the SCOI Row procedure include:

What is the “SCOI Row”?

According to Dr. Stephen Snyder, a partner and member of the SCOI Shoulder Team, the SCOI Row is a method developed and currently used by the members of the Team to arthroscopically repair torn rotator cuff tendons. Although there are many techniques used around the world to “fix” a torn cuff, the SCOI Row has now been shown to be the most effective of all those tested, both, for security of the repair and for long-term healing and function.

The Shoulder Team recently completed a study of 80 patients who had medium and large tears of their rotator cuff tendons repaired using the “SCOI Row”. Follow-up exams proved that on the post-op MRI, the cuff had healed completely in 95% of patients. These appreciative patients volunteered for the study and now enjoy normal activities without pain or fear of further rotator cuff problems.

The SCOI Row method differs from other commonly used cuff repair techniques in that it is performed completely under arthroscopic visualization (never requiring an open skin incision) and utilizes special “triple-loaded” suture anchors that were first developed at SCOI. In addition, the “SCOI Row” always includes activation of a “Crimson Duvet”. This is a rich, healing bone marrow covering that contains new blood supply, growth factors (small proteins that promote healing), and the important stem cells that typically are housed inside the ends of the bones. This Crimson Duvet has proven to give new circulation and thus healing potential to even degenerative rotator cuff tears.

We, at SCOI, are proud of our achievements in the area of rotator cuff repair and have now performed more than five thousand procedures completely arthroscopically. We have built the most modern shoulder arthroscopy skills lab in the country, called the CLASroom (Center for Learning Arthroscopic Skills), as part of our commitment to continuous learning and teaching the art of excellence in shoulder arthroscopy. If you would like to see the lab, please ask your Shoulder Team surgeon to arrange a visit.

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