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Comprehensive Care Delivered at Our Spine Center

The spine is the supporting structure of the body. When the spine is injured and its function is impaired, the consequences can be painful and even disabling. That’s why our comprehensive spine center offers a continuum of care to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment of spinal conditions is available all in one place. The whole diagnostic work-up is typically done within the institute and includes X-rays, MRI scans, and electrodiagnostic (EMG/nerve conditions) testing.

Treatment options range from conservative measures through the more complex multilevel surgical procedures. This includes various categories of medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, patient counseling, patient education, and rehabilitation. Therapeutic injections are also available as an intermediate step between conservative measures and surgery. Surgical procedures are also available when conservative treatment options have been exhausted.

Our highly trained spine team is made up of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, physician assistants, and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists (physiatrists).

A physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist) differs from an orthopedic surgeon in that they only offer a non-surgical approach to pain and injury treatment for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. Physiatrists typically treat a variety of problems from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. Our physiatrists work closely with our spine surgeons and the rest of the spine team to ensure you get back to enjoying the everyday activities of life.

If you or your loved one suffer from a spinal disorder or injury, please call our spine team today at (877) 952-8484 to schedule an appointment or make an appointment online by clicking here.

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