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Gregory J. Hanker, M.D.

Gregory J. Hanker, M.D.

Expertise: Hand, wrist, elbow surgical specialist, upper extremity arthroscopy and fracture care

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Volume 2 Issue 6


Heal Your Heels

Heel pain is the most common problem that affects the foot and ankle. This is no surprise when you consider that every mile you walk puts 60 tons of stress on each foot. Your feet can handle a heavy load, but too much stress pushes them over their limit and can cause extreme discomfort.

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Beware of Your Laptop

Laptop computers are everywhere. They are portable and lightweight—so much so, that many people use them throughout the day, be it at work, school, home, or the local coffee shop. However, laptop use can lead to posture problems, if you’re not careful.

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Strengthening Muscles Helps Decrease Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common complaint among people of varying ages. While refraining from strenuous activities might be the answer in the short term, when done for more than a few days, it can actually undermine healing. Whether the back pain is acute or chronic, exercise can play an important role in easing your pain.

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Tips for Preventing Falls in Later Life

Simply being afraid of falling can affect mobility and independence. A study published in the April 2008 Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that 60 percent of 673 older community–dwelling adults who said they were worried about falling avoided everyday activities, such as shopping, bathing, walking outdoors, and visiting relatives and friends. Learning some preventative tips will help keep you on your feet.

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All You Need to Know About MRIs

MRIs have assisted doctors in performing their jobs for four decades, and, patients are much better off for it. Invented in 1977, MRIs were hard to find and took almost five hours to produce one single image. Today, there are thousands and it only takes seconds to produce an image.

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