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May 2009
Volume 1 Issue 6


Runners’ Knees

Running is certainly a solid form of exercise for most people, but injuries are always a possibility considering the toll on a runner’s joints (particularly the knee). Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or you run for exercise and log fewer miles, knee pain can strike at any time.

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Avoid, Treat Pulled Muscles

A pulled muscle affects all of us, from the light activity-goer to professional athletes. Though typically not a severe injury, a pulled muscle can nag and sideline you from an activity or sport. Taking steps to treat it properly and avoid it altogether can help you stay in the game.

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Exercise for Healthy Cartilage

Some people with joint pain tend to avoid exercise or activity in order to avoid pain. But, physical activity is not only good for the heart; it’s good for the knees.

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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and debilitating disorder that afflicts more than one million people. Hand specialists at Southern California Orthopedic Institute provide a variety of treatment options, from conservative care to advanced surgical techniques.

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Artificial Disc Offers Back Pain Relief

The lower back is one of the most common sources of pain. While exercise and nonsurgical therapy can help in most cases, sometimes surgery is necessary to treat the pain. One option for treating degenerative disc disease (a common cause of lower back pain) is artificial disc replacement surgery, which spine specialists at Southern California Orthopedic Institute (SCOI) perform.

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