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The following are some things to keep in mind when returning home from a joint replacement procedure:

  • Bring in help — Sometimes patients will need to stay at a rehabilitation facility after a procedure. However, other patients might return home a day or two after certain surgeries. These patients should have someone, whether it is a friend or relative, stay with them for a couple of days to assist. This person should be physically capable and able to assist you at different times during the day.

  • Rearrange the household — Rearranging furniture and other household items prior to surgery is a good idea for the return home. Doing so can help make day-to-day activities easier as well as help reduce the risk of falls.

  • Plan meals and entertainment — Having healthy meals planned out ahead of time will reduce stress and ensure that you maintain a good diet while going through physical therapy. Having books, magazines, games, and movies to watch during the initial days following surgery can also make the recovery process more tolerable.

“Preparing in advance for the postsurgery recovery period can decrease unnecessary stress,” says Dr. Jeffrey A. Polansky, joint replacement surgeon at Sports Medicine North. “When patients practice using crutches or walkers prior to surgery, they’re less likely to fall when using them afterwards.”

For more information regarding joint replacements and the recovery process, call the Sports Medicine North joint care doctors at (978) 309-3066.

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