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Combat Arthritis Symptoms With Strength Training

Maintaining a healthy weight and activity level keeps your muscles strong and can prevent you from needing to undergo a joint replacement procedure. It’s important to perform strength training exercises on a regular basis to improve your strength, decrease your risk of osteoporosis, reduce your arthritis pain, and improve your overall health.

“Strength training not only builds stronger muscles, but also strengthens your connective tissues and increases the stability of your joints,” explains Dr. Jeffrey A. Polansky, shoulder and knee specialist at Sports Medicine North. “This will lower your risk of injury and also ease the pain of your arthritis symptoms.”

With proper instruction and a few dumbbells, you can get an excellent workout when training with weights. Exercising in this way stimulates bone health and strengthens muscles, but it is important to use proper form when lifting so you do not worsen your condition or pull a muscle.

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